Unparalleled Service. Transparent. Ethical. Multi-Cultural. Multi-Lingual.

Above all, New Act Travel is a culture. Just like you, we love travel, we are immersed in it every day and we understand you and why you place a high value on travel. Our values lie in the belief that our company can operate much like a close knit family. We aim to welcome you into the New Act Family with nothing but transparency, strong service and a moral code of conduct that is nothing short of impeccable. We believe our standard of service and ethics are the pillars that have allowed us to form iron-clad relationships with strategic travel partners who share our same principals. The following traits help us to achieve our mission to grow the New Act family:


Our family values come from strong leadership that breathes morality and transparency. We pride ourselves on possessing a strong moral compass and challenge one another regularly with accountability. From the top down, we preach respect and we live it on a daily basis.


Just as in our family values, our ethics hold equal importance in our business practices. We do not believe in back room deals. We rely on our standard of service and iron-clad relationships with long known partners to provide the best for our clients, employees and IC's alike.


Personalized high-quality service is our game and we are proven performers. Our love for what we do is evident in our relentless dedication to service. We are there for you before, during and after your travel arrangements to ensure fluidity in your trip.


We have a diverse body of agents that are multi-cultural and experienced in a wide array of destinations. We are experts in our fields and as such we are multi-lingual to ensure excellence in communication.


During business hours, you have access to our entire team who is ready and willing to help in any situation. At New Act Travel there is no such thing as afterhours, support is available to you 24/7. Through the use of our superior technologies, our support staff is in the know and at your service in the best and most crucial of times.


We care about everyone; ICs, employees, customers, vendors, our community and our environment. We sourced a building for our headquarters that is Platinum LEED Certified. Aside from our own philanthropic efforts, we offer many opportunities for our clients to engage in charitable legs of their travel.