Water Fountains Shut Down After Frontier Passengers Fall Ill

Water Fountains Shut Down After Frontier Passengers Fall Ill

Officials say six passengers fell ill on a Frontier Airlines flight from Cleveland to Tampa.

WFLA-TV reports health officials boarded the plane when it landed at Tampa International Airport on Tuesday afternoon and the sick passengers were removed.

Janet Scherberger, a spokeswoman for Tampa International Airport, said the sick passengers were not traveling together and none of them had been taken to the hospital after landing.

The remaining passengers were kept on the plane for about an hour after it landed. Those passengers deplaned around 4:30 p.m.

A representative for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport said there is a possibility the affected passengers’ illnesses were connected to a drinking fountain there. The fountains in the Frontier concourse at the airport have been shut down as a safety precaution.

The city of Cleveland said in a news release Wednesday that officials are awaiting test results from the drinking fountains on Concourse A, which will be completed in a day or two. Meanwhile, all of the drinking fountains on the concourse have been sanitized.

Authorities haven’t provided information on the symptoms passengers were experiencing or their conditions.

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