A summer of airline benefits?

A summer of airline benefits?

It’s not hard to see that the airline industry has had a bit of rough start to 2017. A combination of the social media exposure of mistreated passengers, mass cancellations on major carriers, all around poor customer service reports and a general feeling of uncertainty has left some travelers re-thinking their plans for the coming months.


Think again! The rough start to the airline industry in 2017 has opened the door for an overall need for competition and the airline carrier redemption has begun!


Here are five main benefits that you will see this summer based on current trends and data from New Act Travel and some of the largest travel data conglomerates on the web today:


  1. Lower Fares – “It’s going to be crowded this summer, and I think we will have a record number of air travelers in part because of low fares,” said George Hobica, founder of Airfarewatchdog.com, a site that tracks fare sales. For those who don’t mind connecting flights, alliance wars can yield low fares. We are seeing allied airlines going after routes dominated by other alliances, particularly to Paris with stops in London. A careful review may find the alternative carrier is the best choice for a return as they compete in the alliance wars.
  2. More Perks – Some airlines, including Delta and American, have reintroduced free food service in economy, largely on transcontinental flights. And where they haven’t offered free food, they have upgraded what’s for sale. Expedited security clearance is also expanding to international carriers for passengers who have membership in T.S.A. PreCheck.
  3. New Economy Classes – With basic economy, legacy airlines are taking on no-frills carriers like Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant. New to American and United, and already in place at Delta, basic economy does not permit passengers to make a seat selection before check-in. American and United prohibit basic fliers from bringing aboard luggage that requires space in overhead bins. Travelers on these tickets can check their bags at check-infor $25 one way.
  4. More Comfortable Airplanes – Several new aircraft models—the Airbus A350, for one—are now being made out of composite material, which can be pressurized at 6,000 feet rather than the traditional 8,000 feet. Those 2,000 feet make all the difference in how a passenger feels. The lower pressurization level should leave passengers feeling better rested when they land. (So long, jet lag.)
  5. Possible Phone Calls on Planes – The transportation Department may consider letting passengers make phone calls in-flight if they use Wi-Fi-based technology rather than radio frequencies. While a decision is likely years away, expect this conversation to heat up in 2017.


Please do not hesitate to be in contact with your trusted travel managers here at New Act Travel should you want to explore some new travel perks this summer! We can always be reached at (310) 201-0808.



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