New International Arrivals at Sea-Tac

New International Arrivals at Sea-Tac

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has revealed a new international arrivals facility. 

Aiming to be the best-connected airport in the world, the new facility redefines the passenger experience for travelers. 

Notable features include increased gates and baggage carousels, an expanded aerial walkway which ascends 790 feet (bigger than famous the Space Needle), and facial recognition technology. 

Speeding up processing time by 15 minutes, the facility will offer a ‘bags first’ approach to improve tracking efficiency. 

As one of the busiest airports in the country, the developments will increase throughput from 1,200 hourly passengers to 2,600 passengers per hour.

A city famed for culture; the airport also now boasts beautiful, colorful artwork above the baggage claims by talented artist Marela Zacarías. 

Chalchiuhtlicue is a series of bold sculptures which were inspired by the water and colors of the Pacific Northwest, as well as the tribes who came before them. 

Further to this, indigenous art from six Native American artists is installed throughout the facility. 

All international flights are expected to be processed in the new building by mid-April, and the soft opening will continue throughout March and April.

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