Family Out of Luck With Expedia Booking Gone Wrong

Family Out of Luck With Expedia Booking Gone Wrong

We recently learned of a story covered by Richard D’Ambrosio and Travel Market Report that had us antsy in our seats and left us wanting to hear about a solution!


“Holly Parsons told ABC News in Seattle that she booked a three-night, $874-stay in a condominium at the WorldMark Seventh Mountain Resort in Bend, OR, four months in advance. A few weeks before the getaway, Parsons said she received an email saying that her reservation was cancelled due to overbooking. She was offered no refund at that time.


Expedia told the ABC News affiliate that since the cancellation was “caused by external factors beyond the direct control of Expedia,” a policy listed in the company’s terms and conditions, Expedia had “no liability and will make no refund.”


In an ABC News Good Morning America segment about the story, ABC News pointed out that Expedia and the lodging industry are only obligated by “practice” to rebook overbooked clients, and that there are no laws protecting consumers from these situations.


As an authority in the travel community we feel obligated to provide a solution as many news outlets have covered this case with little to know advice for travelers! At New Act Travel and many other reputable travel agencies, we can help ease your mind and provide a true relaxing vacation experience. As seasoned and well traveled professionals, we are prepared to intercept the stressors that organically come with travel so you can focus on enjoying your vacation. We know your destinations well and we anticipate your needs so we can exceed the expectations you have for your personal vacation. Just a few bullet points that outline the benefits of traveling with New Act:


  • A Travel Agent will be with you from the beginning to end of your trip
  • We will create an unique experience that’s tailored explicitly for you
  • We will save you time and money
  • We will do the necessary research on your behalf and organize your paperwork, i.e. passports and visa requirements
  • Our special relationship with hotels will help with exclusive deals, upgrades, and amenities
  • New Act is part of the Virtuoso program which allows our clients first Priority as Hotel VIP guests (priority over online bookers)
  • We will be ready to intercept any problems while you are enjoying your vacation and can leverage our relationships and position in the travel space on your behalf
  • We can anticipate your needs because as professionals we know these destinations inside and out and have performed many site inspections
  • We have a global team of travel professionals who are close by and in your time zone
  • We can customize your trip and meet your needs albeit car arrangements, hotel arrangements, or air transportation


Have you had a similar experience to Holly Parsons? We want to hear from you! Please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know about your experience HERE



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